Improved power management tweaks to reduce energy composition. Updated Print Queue and Print dialog apps with automatic printer detection. New Live captions feature to improve understanding of spoken content. Although we’re still many weeks away from the More Info release, the development team has already baked everything of what to expect with version 22H2. Yes, you can always buy a MacBook to try MacOS. Or, you can keep your PC on Windows 10, which will be supported through 2025.

These desktops are more like how the Mac OS works on a computer screen when switching between various apps or programs. For nearly a decade, users have either enjoyed their OS or have been waiting for the release of a better version, like those still operating on Windows 7. Now, with more customization and easy integration, users are excited to see whether Windows 11 will be worth the hype.

accessories every Mac owner should buy

Once you have done the above, you can open the file by logging into your Kindle devices. If the option isn’t there then browse and select the Kindle for PC shortcut from its location . This will permanently put the PDF in your Kindle library. I know this thread is getting old but I ran into a problem that I want to document here and maybe other places.

  • An advantage of using PDF instead of Excel is anyone can open it, even if they aren’t using Microsoft Office.
  • If you have an iCloud account, you can back up your data there as well.
  • How do you change an existing standard user account into an administrator account without removing and re-adding the account?
  • As the system attempts to reboot, a list of options will appear on your screen.

If you’re in that situation, you will actually have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 on your PC to go back. After completing those steps, your computer will restart and begin the recovery process to reinstall Windows 10. Just follow the prompts that you see and your system will eventually finish reinstalling Windows 10. We’re working on a fix for an issue causing the delete key to unexpectedly not work on files in File Explorer.

Can an admin account on a Windows computer see other users browsing history?

I tried Windows 11 and simply wasn’t impressed. Linux runs considerably better on mysystem than windows does. Moreover, with the added severity of COVID-19, the world economy is deteriorating, domestic and foreign demand is unstable, and corporate performance and national finances are in crisis.

The page ports several sharing settings previously available in Control Panel, including Network discovery, File and printer sharing, and public folder sharing. As part of the Bluetooth improvements, Windows 11 will now remember if you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while in airplane mode. Then the next time you use airplane mode, the radios will reflect your preference. The Storage Spaces page has a new design to match the Settings design style on Windows 11 and new iconography.

The team found Windows 11 performs just as well, and even showed some gains in frame rates and a slight edge in the productivity tests. In any case, you can still speed up Windows 11 with a few tricks if you notice it getting sluggish. As for new gaming technology, Windows 11 introduces Auto HDR and DirectStorage.

You should see the administrator account listed as one user account in the lower left corner. Now that your administrator account is enabled, follow the instructions in this blog for reseting the password. A core difference between the administrator account of the user and the built-in administrator account is that the former receives UAC prompts while the latter does not. The first user account that is created by the actual user of the system on first start is an unelevated administrator account while the built-in Administrator account is an elevated account.

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