FENIX It’s a software that allows you to streamline financial decision based on the reports generated according to your needs. (Pre-Configured Financial BI)

Development of customized solutions offering functional support to promptly address all requirements.


The Extraction Module is designed to establish a direct interface with S/4HANA Cloud, specifically in the financial component (FI).

Through advanced communication protocols, this module facilitates selective data acquisition, ensuring that accurate and relevant information is obtained for subsequent operations.

Once consolidated, the information is prepared and optimized for subsequent processing and analysis.

tax reports

Offers detailed query information by Vendor/Customer, account and document, among others.

Tax reporting module is a parameterizable solution that generates reports according to company, fiscal year and account.

Provides detailed transaction reports, allowing adjustments and reclassifications.

Generates accounts payable, receivable, income and expense formats for your tax reports.

Balance by vendor/customers

Accounts Receivable

and Accounts Payable

Graphic Mode

The Accounts Payable and Receivable Chart Module provides an intuitive and analytical visualization of finances.

It presents visual comparisons of portfolio and suppliers by period, illustrates through graphs the age of the portfolio and the age of accounts payable, and segments the portfolio according to the market.
Furthermore, its interactive design allows direct access to detailed information from the graph itself, facilitating a deep and efficient analysis.

Income and Expense

Control Boards

The Income and Expense Control Dashboards Module provides a detailed and analytical visualization of the financial panorama.

It integrates a visual comparison between income and expenses by segment, allowing a clear and strategic interpretation of the company's financial health.

In addition, it highlights comparative graphs of sales and purchases by period, breaks down sales by segments, divisions and high-value customers, and categorizes purchases by items and main suppliers.

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